Miao Jianmin visits Xu Huimin, Secretary of the Chengdu Municipal Party Committee, and inspects Haimen Base of China Merchants Industry

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From July 29 to 30, Chairman Miao Jianmin paid a visit to Xu Huimin, Secretary of Nantong Municipal Party Committee, and inspected the Haimen Base of China Merchants Industry in the city of Nantong, Jiangsu Province. Group CFO Zhou Song participated in the activities above.

On July 30, during the meeting with Xu Huimin, Miao Jianmin said that a total investment of RMB70 billion was made by China Merchants Group's business sectors of equipment manufacturing, financial services, and urban and cultural tourism development in Nantong, and all had been progressing smoothly. He hoped that, based on consolidating the friendly cooperation, the two sides could continue to strengthen communication and jointly write a new chapter of win-win cooperation. Xu Huimin highly appreciated China Merchants Group's contribution to the development of Nantong in terms of cruise manufacturing, supporting industries and urban development. He hoped to develop a more extensive and in-depth cooperation together.

From July 29 to 30, Miao Jianmin inspected the construction progress of various projects in Haiman Base and expressed gratitude to the front-line employees. He expressed full acknowledgement of the work of China Merchants Industry and Haimen Base. He said that China Merchants Industry is an essential part of the inheritance of China Merchants Group's ancestral business of shipping and maritime. The Group would continue to support China Merchants Industry to strengthen its competitiveness, quality and scale.

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