Miao Jianmin meets principal officials from Weining county

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On August 9, Group Chairman Miao Jianmin met with Xiao Fajun, member of the Standing Committee of Bijie Municipal Committee and Secretary of Weining County Committee, and Chen Bo, Vice Chairman of Bijie CPPCC and head of Weining County. The meeting reviewed the effectiveness of China Merchants Group's fixed-point poverty alleviation in Weining over the past 17 years and discussed establishing a stable and long-term mechanism for poverty alleviation. Assistant President Li Yadong participated in the meeting.

Miao Jianmin pointed out that since 2003, in Weining, China Merchants Group has invested nearly 460 million yuan for poverty alleviation, implemented 126 poverty alleviation projects, helped more than 300,000 people out of poverty, and reduced the poverty headcount ratio down to less than 3%. He said that China Merchants Group would continue to support Weining and contribute to Weining's rural revitalization work. Xiao Fajun highly praised China Merchants Group for its "actual measures for practical results" of well-targeted assistance. Weining's poverty alleviation has been progressing smoothly, and the county government is confident that they will win the battle against poverty on schedule by the end of this year.


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